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Your e-mail address is required for the game to work properly, so we don't confuse your gameplay with other players'. Your gameplay records and e-mail address will be kept confidential and stored securely. If you agree to allow us to use your gameplay data for research, the results of this research will be reported in aggregate form, so you will not be identified specifically.

For questions about the study, contact the researcher, Dr. Theodore Frick, at (812) 856-8450.

For questions about your rights as a research participant or to discuss problems, complaints or concerns about a research study, or to obtain information, or offer input, contact the IU Human Subjects Office at (317) 278-3458 or [for Indianapolis] or (812) 856-4242 [for Bloomington] or (800) 696-2949.

The Diffusion Simulation Game was created in the Department of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. The Web version was led by Dr. Ted Frick with designers Barbara Ludwig, K. J. Kim and Rui Huang. The DSG is based on a board game originally developed by Dr. Michael Molenda and Marjorie Cambry.
Questions or Comments? Email the Diffusion Simulation Team.

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